DreamHost vs. HostMonster

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In our review of DreamHost vs. HostMonster we found very little similarities other than DreamHost was founded in 1997 and HostMonster in 1996. Besides that they both have all of the basic web hosting features such as SSL secure server, sitebuilder, CGI, FrontPage, webmail, spam and virus protection, PHP, PERL, Python, support several multi-media options, ecommerce ready, and SSI (sever side includes). They both also have a number of unlimited features in their web hosting plans - see below...

$5.95 w/10 year OR $8.95 w/2 year
Unlimited Disk Space + 50GB (click DreamHost above for details)
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited domains, subdomains, parked domains
Unlimited email accounts

Unlimited email forwarding and autoresponders
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
1 domain Name
97 day money back guarantee

Normally $6.95 a month
Special Pricing $3.95 a month (click HostMoster above to take advantage of pricing)
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited domains, subdomains, parked domains
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited email forwarding and autoresponders
Unlimited FTP accounts
1 domain name (free forever!)
100 MySQL databases
100 Postgre databases
$50 Google and $25 Yahoo ad credits
Supports International domain names

DreamHost offers additional domain registrations for $9.95 a year, unique IP's for $3.95 a month, and SSL certificates for $99.95 a year.

Network Solutions Price Promo

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Network Solutions is offering a special price promo! They announced today that they will extend their special discount coupon code through 4/30/09!
Network Solutions has been providing quality web hosting services for many years. They currently manage more than 7 million domains, over 1.5 million e-mailboxes, and more than 350,000 Web sites.

Network Solutions provides a wide variety and a great amount of web hosting products including,SSL certificates, email services, business web hosting, ecommerce, online marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, domain names, and much much more...

Click on any of the discount coupon codes below to take advantage of these special offers NOW!

Waived setup fee on the Local Search visibility plan BCXXX02737
$25 off any $150
+ purchase (New Customers Only) GCXXX02735
20% off New domains (.com, .net only) PCXXX02736
$10 off any $100+ purchase (New Customers Only) GCXXX02738
Free private registration with any domain purchase (.com, .net only) S7CPN20911

20% off any Annual Term Acquisition of DIY Websites S7CPN20921
20% off new annual VPS subscriptions S7CPN20931

DreamHost vs. BlueHost

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In our comparison of DreamHost versus BlueHost we found their web hosting services have a lot in common.

Both DreamHost and BlueHost offer a number of unlimited features such as disk storage, email forwarding accounts, email autoresponders, bandwidth, add-on domains, subdomains, and parked domains. Both hosting packages also include free SSL secure server protection, sitebuilders, CGI, FrontPage, webmail, spam and virus email protection, PHP, PERL, Python, ecommerce options, and many multi-media features.
The areas in which DreamHost and BlueHost differ are:

$8.95 with 2 year agreement*
Unlimited disk storage + 50 GB (click DreamHost link above for explanation)
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL5 databases
Unlimited FTP users
1 Free domain registration (additional $9.95 yr)
97 day money back guarantee
VPS web hosting options
Dedicated IP options
Customer service*

Unique IP address $3.95/mo.
SSL Certificates $99.95/yr.

$6.95 w/2 year agreement (Special $4.95 discount pricing for our readers, click the link above)
2500 email accounts
1,000 FTP accounts
100 MySQL databases
100 Postgre SQL databases
$25 Yahoo! and $50 Google Ad credits
Anonymous FTP
Customer Service

*DreamHost explains unlimited disk storage does not always mean "unlimited" their site explains why they advertise +50GB. DreamHost has some customer service options available for free such as wiki, forum, blog, and email. However, they do not offer a toll-free telephone number or live chat. You may purchase their premium phone support for an additional $9.95 per month which allows you to email them for support and you will be able to get 3 call backs a month.

GoDaddy vs. DreamHost

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When comparing GoDaddy vs. DreamHost web hosting services we found the two companies had only some of the more standard features of their basic web hosting packages in common.

Both are some of the best ICANN accredited domain registrars and therefore offer number of services in domain registration. Both web hosting companies also offer dedicated and VPS hosting packages. We chose to compare GoDaddy's $6.29 plan vs. DreamHost's $8.95 plan.

GoDaddy's $6.29/month plan (2 year):
150 GB Disk Space
1,500 GB Monthly Data Transfer
25 MySQL Databases
500 POP3 Email Accounts
50 FTP Users
Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, and Alias Domains
Additional domains for $1.99
Basic SSL certificate for $29.99/yr.

GoDaddy maintains over 2 million domains!! They also have all the web hosting services and tools to serve all of your website needs. By providing a basic web site hosting package that you may expand as your business grows such as business email management, sitebuilders, business tools and ecommerce, reseller hosting options, auctions, and a marketplace.

DreamHost's $8.95/mo. plan (2 year):
Unlimited Disk Storage + 50 GB (click here to visit their site for details)
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited FTP Users
Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, Forwarded Domains
1 Free Domain Registration
SSL Certificates available for $99.95/yr.
97 Day Money Back Guarantee

In our DreamHost review we found if you are willing to pay for 10 years in advance you will another incredible discount in pricing to just $5.95 a month. And if you want the option of a month to month you can do that for $10.95/mo. (but there would be a $49.95 set up fee). DreamHost offers wiki, forum, blog, and email customer support services. They do not have a telephone support number for you to call

Shopping for a Web Hosting Provider

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When shopping for any just about any item or service we want to know exactly what we are getting. When grocery shopping we look at nutrition labels, which are typically fairly easy to decipher. When car shopping we read the window "sticker" to find out engine size, type of transmission, fuel economy...,

which can get a little more complicated if you are not familiar with cars but want the nitty gritty of what exactly a 210-hp 4.0L single OHC can do for you vs. a 2.0L Duratec 20 I4 engine can do. However, in that situation you usually have a nice helpful salesperson to explain (or convince) to you how every nut and bolt will work for you.

But what about when you are shopping for a web hosting company? Typically, if you are internet savvy enough to research web hosting (without looking at the entire 150,000,000 search results that will come up) you will be able to narrow your options down a to few webhosting companies that appear to have what you will need to build a website.

Each of these sites will then have a "list of features" (your nutritional facts) but within these "features" you find things like PHP, Python, Dedicated Server, VPS, ecommerce, SSL certificates, FTP users, PERL, domains etc...(Which may sound a lot like 210-hp 4.0L single OHC if you are not familiar with web hosting). But where are the salesmen who can take you by the hand and explain what exactly all of these things mean to you, your business, and/or your website?

Some of the sites may have a toll free customer support sales line you can call, which is hopefully in their offices and not answered from some other country. Otherwise it is up to you to find out what these things do for you.

We have designed this blog to give you web host reviews and comparisons, to help you understand exactly what you are getting in a web hosting package, and to help define some of these "feature" terms so you can feel good about making an educated choice when looking for a web hosting provider.

LunarPages vs. GoDaddy

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As far as making a side by side comparison to their webhosting packages we decided to review GoDaddy's $6.99 plan versus LunarPages $4.95 plans. Both web hosting packages include FrontPage, CGI, RoR, PHP, PERL, Python, webmail, autoresponders, email forwarders, spam and fraud protection, streaming audio and visual, real media, and shared ssl certificates (with the option to purchase your own dedicated ssl certificate).

150 GB Diskspace
1,500 GB in monthly data transfer
25 MySQL Databases
Unlimited external and subdomains
50 FTP Accounts
500 Email Accounts
500 MB email storage
2 shopping carts
5 blogs
$1.99 domain name

Unlimited web space
Unlimited data transfer
Unlimited MySQL databases
Unlimited add-on, sub, and parked domains
Unlimited FTP

Unlimited email accounts
3 shopping carts
3 blogs
Free domain name

Both GoDaddy and LunarPages have a number of customer support solutions including tutorials, FAQ's, glossaries, forums, blogs, guides, knowledgebase, wiki, and news. The main difference is GoDaddy's phone service is not toll free where LunarPages' is.

GoDaddy and LunarPages are both very dedicated to giving back to communities. GoDaddy has a whole page dedicated to all of the charities they have participated in and LunarPages has an education program that offers free hosting services to any K-12 school within the United States.

In our review of GoDaddy vs. LunarPages we discovered that both of them have an excellent record of providing web hosting packages as well as services that compliment them.

Streaming Media

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With progressive streaming, a file is downloaded from the server, and usually starts to play while the rest of the file is still downloading. The entire file is downloaded and stored on the visitors computer.

Many hosts are not very supportive of this type of streaming because it takes up a lot of disk space and data transfer and costs the host more money. Some streaming media hosts will not allow mp3,avi, or mpeg files to be uploaded. If you are considering creating a website that has a lot of streaming media files find out if your hosting package will accommodate your needs.

Real time or server based streaming is designed for people who wish to have a lot of multimedia files on their website. As the name suggests, these files are stored on a special dedicated server and works very well for media to be viewed in "real time" such as live TV broadcasts, webinars, and internetbased classrooms. Some of the more popular streaming servers are the QuickTime Streaming Server from Apple, the Real Networks Server or the Windows Media Server.

With real time streaming the entire file is not downloaded to the player. It is much like watching TVonly the view may have the option to view ahead, look back, or skip around. Because real time servers can be very expensive they are not typically included in low cost packages. Some web hosts may offer this at an additional cost or have slightly higher pricing for web hosting packages that include this option.

If you are building a website and not sure whether you will use this feature it you may to consider the possibility you may want to expand and you this option later.

Godaddy Vs Yahoo

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As far as comparing one webhosting package, we chose GoDaddy's $6.99 plan versus Yahoo!'s $7.77 plan. They both offer FrontPage, PHP, Perl, and FTP. Customer support services are similar with tutorials, online guides, FAQ, etc...One difference is Yahoo! has a toll-free 24/7 telephone whereas GoDaddy is not toll free.

GoDaddy $6.99 plan:
150 GB Disk Space
1,500 GB Monthly Data Transfer
500 MB Email Storage
500 Email Accounts
$25 Google Adword
$50 Microsoft Adword
$50 Facebook Ad
Domains $1.99
50 FTP Accounts
25 MySQL

Yahoo! $7.77 plan (goes to $11.95 after 3 months):
Unlimited Web Space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited Email Storage
1,000 Email Addresses
$100 Yahoo! Search
$50 Google Adword
Free Domain Name
Unlimited MySQL

Some differences between the two web hosting companies are:
GoDaddy is an ICANN accredited domain registrar
GoDaddy does not require long term contracts (but discounts on 12, 24, and 36 months)
GoDaddy has a number of hosting plans starting at $4.99 with many upgrade options to all
GoDaddy has virtual, dedicated, grid, blog, and podcast hosting.
GoDaddy allows you to test their products from their site.

Yahoo! offers a 30 day money back guarantee
Yahoo! has a comprehensive profile of their web hosting services
Yahoo! has a site builder with 380 templates

Both GoDaddy and Yahoo! are very large and very well known companies. Both offer great products and stand behind them.

Email Forwarding and Autoresponders

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Many web hosting providers offer email forwarding and auto responders, but what are they and what can they do for you?

Email forwarding and auto responders are helpful tools for managing your email and web site. They make checking your email address and responding to email more simple. Although they are a nice feature they are not mandatory for managing your email or setting up your web site.

What is Email Forwarding?Email forwarding is just like receiving mail at an old address and the mailman forwards it on to your new mailbox. You can set up email from webmaster@yoursite.com to go directly to your joe@hotmail.com account. This way you only have to check one email account (mailbox) to receive all your mail.
What are Auto Responders?Auto responders help provide your customers with instant feedback. When a customer sends you an email, you can set up an auto responder message such as "your message had been received" or "I will be out of the office until..." which automatically emails them to let them know their message was received.

"What is Email Alias?Email alias allow you to set up several different emails to be sent to one POP email account. Perhaps you want an address for support@yoursite.com and marketing@yoursite.com, but you want to be able to check emails for both support and marketing. An email alias allows multiple email addresses to be sent to one individual POP email account.

Understanding Domain and Hosting

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In the world of website or blog, certainly you often hear the term of domain or hosting. Domain and hosting are the essential things for a website or blog. Therefore, let’s know and understand what domain and hosting are. For those of you who are not familiar yet with domain and hosting, below is the discussion that Kang Rohman can deliver to you.
  • Domain

In creating a website or blog, you are obligated to have the domain. What is domain?
Maybe you have ever heard about this term in other fields such as math or others. If we observe the general definition, domain means a place or the territory. It will be the same as in the internet; you need to have a place for your website or blog.

To differ from one domain with another domain, the domain should be given a name, or we call it the domain name, e.g. http://kangrohman.com, http://berandaku.com, http://blogspottutorial.com, etc. In the popular term, the domain name refers to Domain.

The Domain name is various according to the goal of a website created. The types of domain are specified with the words after it such as:

  • com ( read: dot com ) : for commercial website
  • org : for organization website
  • info : for website contains information
  • biz : for business website
  • gov: for government’s website
  • etc

There are also domains tend to territory:

  • us : for website in the United States (US)
  • co.id ( read : dot co dot id ) : for website in Indonesia
  • cn : for website in China
  • co.il : for website in Israel
  • my : for website in Malaysia
  • etc

However, in the practical, the domain names are no longer for the specified identities, for instance, the domain name ends with .org, used for personal website not for an organization, domain name ends with .info, used for commercial, and so on.
To purchase the domain, you can buy it at the websites that sell domain. This purchase is not permanent, but for a period in years (usually, the price will be for one year). Or precisely, we hire the domain, not buy. But it is more popular to buy a domain not hire a domain.
In the domain, there’s something called Sub Domain (part of domain). The Sub-domain is created of the main domain. The Sub domain can be identified from a separate written by dot (point). For instance, the main domain is kangrohman.com, we can create the sub-domain as blog.kangrohman.com, tool.kangrohman.com, nangkring.kangrohman.com. Or the real example for you is like kolom-tutorial.blogspot.com. Main domain is blogspot.com and the sub domain is kolom-tutorial.

  • Hosting

If you have bough a domain and you access the domain, it will be a blank page. In order to fill out the domain, we will need a hosting to store the database, web machine, etc.
An easy illustration, domain is like a computer and hosting is like the electricity. Both are to support each other. Or another example, the laptop with its battery. So, a website should have the domain name and hosting so it can be accessed by public.
To create a webhosting, you will need the very expensive tools, therefore, a webhosting company are present to give the space or bandwidth. You can find many webhosting companies on the internet.
Hiring a webhosting is usually fixed to 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc. One webhosting is certainly different from another one.
That’s all today’s post. Next posts, I’ll try to discuss about how to buy a domain, select domain name, select the right hosting, etc.

If there’s a mistake in writing and explaining about domain and hosting, please correct.

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