DreamHost vs. HostMonster

Posted by http://retwt.me/ce6p Thursday, October 15, 2009 4 comments

In our review of DreamHost vs. HostMonster we found very little similarities other than DreamHost was founded in 1997 and HostMonster in 1996. Besides that they both have all of the basic web hosting features such as SSL secure server, sitebuilder, CGI, FrontPage, webmail, spam and virus protection, PHP, PERL, Python, support several multi-media options, ecommerce ready, and SSI (sever side includes). They both also have a number of unlimited features in their web hosting plans - see below...

$5.95 w/10 year OR $8.95 w/2 year
Unlimited Disk Space + 50GB (click DreamHost above for details)
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited domains, subdomains, parked domains
Unlimited email accounts

Unlimited email forwarding and autoresponders
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
1 domain Name
97 day money back guarantee

Normally $6.95 a month
Special Pricing $3.95 a month (click HostMoster above to take advantage of pricing)
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited domains, subdomains, parked domains
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited email forwarding and autoresponders
Unlimited FTP accounts
1 domain name (free forever!)
100 MySQL databases
100 Postgre databases
$50 Google and $25 Yahoo ad credits
Supports International domain names

DreamHost offers additional domain registrations for $9.95 a year, unique IP's for $3.95 a month, and SSL certificates for $99.95 a year.

Network Solutions Price Promo

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Network Solutions is offering a special price promo! They announced today that they will extend their special discount coupon code through 4/30/09!
Network Solutions has been providing quality web hosting services for many years. They currently manage more than 7 million domains, over 1.5 million e-mailboxes, and more than 350,000 Web sites.

Network Solutions provides a wide variety and a great amount of web hosting products including,SSL certificates, email services, business web hosting, ecommerce, online marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, domain names, and much much more...

Click on any of the discount coupon codes below to take advantage of these special offers NOW!

Waived setup fee on the Local Search visibility plan BCXXX02737
$25 off any $150
+ purchase (New Customers Only) GCXXX02735
20% off New domains (.com, .net only) PCXXX02736
$10 off any $100+ purchase (New Customers Only) GCXXX02738
Free private registration with any domain purchase (.com, .net only) S7CPN20911

20% off any Annual Term Acquisition of DIY Websites S7CPN20921
20% off new annual VPS subscriptions S7CPN20931

DreamHost vs. BlueHost

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In our comparison of DreamHost versus BlueHost we found their web hosting services have a lot in common.

Both DreamHost and BlueHost offer a number of unlimited features such as disk storage, email forwarding accounts, email autoresponders, bandwidth, add-on domains, subdomains, and parked domains. Both hosting packages also include free SSL secure server protection, sitebuilders, CGI, FrontPage, webmail, spam and virus email protection, PHP, PERL, Python, ecommerce options, and many multi-media features.
The areas in which DreamHost and BlueHost differ are:

$8.95 with 2 year agreement*
Unlimited disk storage + 50 GB (click DreamHost link above for explanation)
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL5 databases
Unlimited FTP users
1 Free domain registration (additional $9.95 yr)
97 day money back guarantee
VPS web hosting options
Dedicated IP options
Customer service*

Unique IP address $3.95/mo.
SSL Certificates $99.95/yr.

$6.95 w/2 year agreement (Special $4.95 discount pricing for our readers, click the link above)
2500 email accounts
1,000 FTP accounts
100 MySQL databases
100 Postgre SQL databases
$25 Yahoo! and $50 Google Ad credits
Anonymous FTP
Customer Service

*DreamHost explains unlimited disk storage does not always mean "unlimited" their site explains why they advertise +50GB. DreamHost has some customer service options available for free such as wiki, forum, blog, and email. However, they do not offer a toll-free telephone number or live chat. You may purchase their premium phone support for an additional $9.95 per month which allows you to email them for support and you will be able to get 3 call backs a month.

GoDaddy vs. DreamHost

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When comparing GoDaddy vs. DreamHost web hosting services we found the two companies had only some of the more standard features of their basic web hosting packages in common.

Both are some of the best ICANN accredited domain registrars and therefore offer number of services in domain registration. Both web hosting companies also offer dedicated and VPS hosting packages. We chose to compare GoDaddy's $6.29 plan vs. DreamHost's $8.95 plan.

GoDaddy's $6.29/month plan (2 year):
150 GB Disk Space
1,500 GB Monthly Data Transfer
25 MySQL Databases
500 POP3 Email Accounts
50 FTP Users
Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, and Alias Domains
Additional domains for $1.99
Basic SSL certificate for $29.99/yr.

GoDaddy maintains over 2 million domains!! They also have all the web hosting services and tools to serve all of your website needs. By providing a basic web site hosting package that you may expand as your business grows such as business email management, sitebuilders, business tools and ecommerce, reseller hosting options, auctions, and a marketplace.

DreamHost's $8.95/mo. plan (2 year):
Unlimited Disk Storage + 50 GB (click here to visit their site for details)
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited FTP Users
Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, Forwarded Domains
1 Free Domain Registration
SSL Certificates available for $99.95/yr.
97 Day Money Back Guarantee

In our DreamHost review we found if you are willing to pay for 10 years in advance you will another incredible discount in pricing to just $5.95 a month. And if you want the option of a month to month you can do that for $10.95/mo. (but there would be a $49.95 set up fee). DreamHost offers wiki, forum, blog, and email customer support services. They do not have a telephone support number for you to call

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