Email Forwarding and Autoresponders

Posted by Saturday, October 10, 2009

Many web hosting providers offer email forwarding and auto responders, but what are they and what can they do for you?

Email forwarding and auto responders are helpful tools for managing your email and web site. They make checking your email address and responding to email more simple. Although they are a nice feature they are not mandatory for managing your email or setting up your web site.

What is Email Forwarding?Email forwarding is just like receiving mail at an old address and the mailman forwards it on to your new mailbox. You can set up email from to go directly to your account. This way you only have to check one email account (mailbox) to receive all your mail.
What are Auto Responders?Auto responders help provide your customers with instant feedback. When a customer sends you an email, you can set up an auto responder message such as "your message had been received" or "I will be out of the office until..." which automatically emails them to let them know their message was received.

"What is Email Alias?Email alias allow you to set up several different emails to be sent to one POP email account. Perhaps you want an address for and, but you want to be able to check emails for both support and marketing. An email alias allows multiple email addresses to be sent to one individual POP email account.

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