Shopping for a Web Hosting Provider

Posted by Monday, October 12, 2009

When shopping for any just about any item or service we want to know exactly what we are getting. When grocery shopping we look at nutrition labels, which are typically fairly easy to decipher. When car shopping we read the window "sticker" to find out engine size, type of transmission, fuel economy...,

which can get a little more complicated if you are not familiar with cars but want the nitty gritty of what exactly a 210-hp 4.0L single OHC can do for you vs. a 2.0L Duratec 20 I4 engine can do. However, in that situation you usually have a nice helpful salesperson to explain (or convince) to you how every nut and bolt will work for you.

But what about when you are shopping for a web hosting company? Typically, if you are internet savvy enough to research web hosting (without looking at the entire 150,000,000 search results that will come up) you will be able to narrow your options down a to few webhosting companies that appear to have what you will need to build a website.

Each of these sites will then have a "list of features" (your nutritional facts) but within these "features" you find things like PHP, Python, Dedicated Server, VPS, ecommerce, SSL certificates, FTP users, PERL, domains etc...(Which may sound a lot like 210-hp 4.0L single OHC if you are not familiar with web hosting). But where are the salesmen who can take you by the hand and explain what exactly all of these things mean to you, your business, and/or your website?

Some of the sites may have a toll free customer support sales line you can call, which is hopefully in their offices and not answered from some other country. Otherwise it is up to you to find out what these things do for you.

We have designed this blog to give you web host reviews and comparisons, to help you understand exactly what you are getting in a web hosting package, and to help define some of these "feature" terms so you can feel good about making an educated choice when looking for a web hosting provider.

3 Responses to Shopping for a Web Hosting Provider

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