. Asia Domain Names Pre Applications Begin Now

Posted by http://retwt.me/ce6p Friday, September 18, 2009

The .ASIA Landrush is scheduled to begin on 20th Feb, and you can now pre-apply for their list of desired .ASIA domains. The ability to accept pre-apps before the Landrush actually begins, coupled with an unbelievably low pricing of INR 949.00 (fully refundable), will ensure that you leverage on this crazy rush throughout the industry to acquire .ASIA domains.

Having recorded the most successful sunrise phase with a 90% success rate and over 30,000 trademarked domains registered, .ASIA now estimates to be the most profitable investment available in a market where every conceivable domain name has been procured.

With 3 Asian countries ranking amongst the top 5 Countries in terms of Internet Usage, and Asian Internet users growing by almost 350% every year, Asia is surely heading towards being the Mecca of the Internet Industry very soon; placing .ASIA as the most valuable gTLD available today.

ASIA Landrush process:
The .ASIA Landrush will take place from 20th Feb to 12th March, 2008. The .ASIA registry is following the auction model for domains that will receive more than one application during the Landrush period. So, in case any of your Domains get multiple applications, they can claim ownership of the concerned Domain by placing the highest bid for it.

All Domain applications processed through aalpha NET are guaranteed a reversal on the application charge, in case the outcome of the auction process is not in your favour. This means, that if you doesn’t end up registering a Domain that you applied for, the entire amount will be refunded . This way, you can safely apply for as many Domains as they want, without having to pay for a Domain that they will not end up buying! Since most providers are charging an application fee irrespective of whether the Domain is registered or no, this is definitely something that will make us ahead of our competitors.

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